Storm of the Century

Jan 22-24, 2010

El Nino must be in full effect because Los Angeles got soaked last week. Most parts of Southern California received 5-8 inches of rain over the course of a 6-day storm. On Wednesday, in the middle of the storm, Sarah and I and another couple, Dave and Larke, started planning a trip to drive up for some snowboarding for the 3-day weekend to take advantage of some fresh powder. It was exciting to watch the snowfall totals continue to rise as the weekend neared. The local San Gabriel Mountains ended up with more than 4 feet of new snow in some places, but that was nothing compared to Mammoth. From January 17-22, Mammoth received 8 feet of snow and nearly 30 inches on some days including the Thursday night we piled into Larke's dad's 89 Land Cruiser and headed up to Bishop, CA.

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All My Gear is Here

Dec 18, 2009

Burton Customs 08
Burton Customs '08

All of my gear has finally arrived and I mounted my bindings this week. My setup looks pretty good even though I wanted the black bindings. I just could not find any black '08s that were on sale. Either way, the price was right, and it fits really well on the board and with the Moto boots. I am just worried about getting a little toe drag from my big boots.

I opted for the strap bindings over this sweet pair of Flows that I found online for just $20 more. The Flows I found were top of the line, but I read reviews of parts breaking and replacement parts being tough to find after 4-5 years. On a positive note, Flow will send you whatever you need for free (as long as they have it in stock). The reviews were generally good for the Flows, but I want my bindings to last for a while. Plus, I was a little worried about how I would like the Flow system. I hope to demo a pair at some point.

All that is left is straping in and trying it out!

Board Arrived and Boots Ordered

Nov 25, 2009

Burton Moto 08
Burton Moto '08

I picked up my snowboard from REI yesterday and I cannot wait to get it in some pow. The board is black and looks similar to the picture that I posted earlier. I hope to have some pictures of me riding it soon. The calls from Mammoth are getting louder.

Other big news on the gear front - I ordered my boots. I finally stopped into Dick’s Sporting Goods to try on a pair of Burton Motos. I wanted to know my exact size before I ordered them online. Again I hit up REI's website and got last year's model boots half off. $75 is not too bad for these sweet boots. Not high end, but not totally beginner either. They should be just about perfect for me and the amount of snowboarding I do. I hope to get several good seasons out of them.

Now I am two-thirds the way there on my necessary major gear. All I need now are some good bindings to attach the boots to the board!

Upcoming Mammoth Trip

Nov 19, 2009

Currently there are 13 runs open at Mammoth with 161.6 acres groomed. Three lifts are open and they have a 16-24 inch snow base. Not much, but it is more than we have at the beach today.

There is a chance that Sarah and I might go to Mammoth in just 2 months with a couple of friends. My new board doesn't arrive until December 1st, and I still have to get bindings and boots. I am so stoked for this season to start.

New Snowboard

Nov 11, 2009

I ordered a new snowboard today. REI was having a killer sale and I got a new 162 Burton Royale '07 that was marked down 81%. I know the style is 2 seasons old, but it is still new to me.

It is going to be so tough to wait 3 weeks to pick it up, even though there is no significant snow yet. And once I get it, I still have to wait more than a month to finally use it. Now the search begins for discount boots and bindings. Once I get those I will be all set for this winter.

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