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Best Season of Alabama Football... Ever

Jan 14th, 2010 | By Chad | Category: Lead Articles

It was 17 years ago when Alabama was last crowned national champions. The Tide beat Florida in the inaugural SEC Championship Game and then beat Miami in the Sugar Bowl for the crown. I was 14 years old and watched that game in my grandmother's living room. In 2009, I was 31 and I was actually there when my Crimson Tide beat the Texas Longhorns in a truly bizarre football game. Here's my recap of a season filled with history and broken records, and why I think this was the greatest season in Alabama football history.

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ChadWoodard.com Returns

Mar 17th, 2009 | By Chad | Category: Lead Articles

After a long hiatus of doing nothing of real signifigance (besides getting married), I've decided to get back into managing the website that I've let sit idle for two years. I will continue to bring the ground breaking articles about huge catfish and beer drinking bears, but I also plan to blog a little and keep accounts on my attempts to conquer the following topics (in order of impracticality):

1. Perpetual Motion
2. Social Networking Experiment - Gave up for now.
3. Increasing my Vertical Jump
4. Fixing my XBOX - Done

I've also made an attempt to make my site handheld friendly for all those blackberry and iphone users. Particularly myself, because I love reading about myself at work.

Check back for more updates.