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Important Dates
8/13 - NFL Preseason Begins
8/27 - Live Draft: Results
9/10 - Season Begins
11/20 - Trade Deadline
12/8 - Playoffs Start
2009 Standings - Week 6
1. Crawdads
2. Warner Vegas
3. Fußball
4. plaiNS_dominated
5. Charley's Angels
6. Minotaur!
7. Sprngfld unathletics
8. Capt Insane-o
9. RollDawgs
10. Blitz Fritz
2008 Final Standings
1. Roll Dawgs
2. Sprngfld Unathletics
3. The Grass IS Greener
4. Dax's Heroes
5. NickSaban
6. FEMA 4.0
7. kona kula
8. Flatliners
2008 Complete Results

Week 7 Preview

We are at the midpoint of the season and four teams are sitting at .500. None of the .500 teams play each other this week and only 2 teams have a winning or losing streak of more than 2 games. The stage is set for plenty of moving in the standings. The season belongs to anyone.

Minotaur! (3-3) vs Blitz Fritz (1-5)
Yahoo! projects this matchup to come down to the wire. With no Monday players and 14 players involved in the same 4 games, it should be clear early who is going to run away with this one. Blitz Fritz is attempting to break a 5 game skid and is projected to flirt with 130 points - he's been the only one not to score over 130 points so far this season. Minotaur! is barely beating the league average and is sitting right where he belongs - in the middle. With Minotaur! owning the league's highest standard deviation this can be anyone's game.

Fußball (4-2) vs Charley's Angels (3-3)
The 49ers must be awful, because Fußball and Charley's Angels have picked a combined 5 Texans to start against them. Right now they are projected to barely break the 100 point mark, but that's because the two coaches are starting a total of 3 players that are on their bye. Each coach has some favorable defensive matchups, and once they make their adjustments this will be a high scoring contest.

Sprngfld unathletics (3-3) vs Crawdads (5-1)
Both of these guys lost last week and will want to bounce back. It's going to be a tough week for Crawdads who is going to be hampered by bye weeks, and Roethlisberger goes against the undefeated Vikings. SU's McNabb is still nursing those broken ribs and it showed last week when he sputtered along for 24.78 points in the Eagles 13-9 loss to the Raiders. I'm picking SU in the upset, so that's a near guaranteed win for Crawdads.

RollDawgs (2-4) vs plaiNS_dominated (3-3)
These two teams are two of the hottest. plaiNS_dominated is coming off of a record-breaking performance last week and RollDawgs finally got out of the basement with his second win in a row. With an upset win RollDawgs could be right in the middle of things, but don't hold your breath because plaiNS_dominated scores in piles. Even though Thomas Jones is overhyped because of his performance last week, PD will delay the RollDawgs' climb to the top for at least another week.

Warner Vegas (4-2) vs Capt Insane-o (2-4)
Despite being a Top 3 scorer, Capt Insane-o has a losing record and is in a frustrating 8th place. It doesn't get any better this week. The rookie leads all scorers and has been in the Top 2 all season long, so it doesn't get any easier for the Capt. Both coaches' QBs play road games against mediocre defenses and that's one reason why both teams are projected to be in the 135 point range this week. WV hasn't scored less than 126 points in a week so far and he's averaging over 138 points per week, but he has only 1 player playing at home this week. As long as Drew Brees doesn't throw his TDs to WV's Jeremy Shockey, this could turn out to be the rook's 3rd loss in 4 weeks. | Fantasy Football | 2009